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Grain Free Beef / Bison Tacos

These tacos are quick and easy to make, your kids will love them, and they are super healthy for your gut!


Ground beef or bison (humanely raised / grass fed / antibiotic free)

Red onion


Siete grain free soft tortilla shells

Greens of your choice

Siete taco seasoning

Nut cheese (or cheese of your choice)


Cook the beef or bison - bison adds more iron if you happen to be anemic and has less fat, then drain.

Add Siete Taco Seasoning along with water as per the package directions;

Warm up the Siete soft tortilla shells;

Chop up the red onion;

Slice up the avocado into desired sized bits;

Top desired number of shells with ground beef, chopped red onion, nut cheese and chopped greens.

Be creative and add whatever other toppings you may like!


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